Established in 2011 with a handful of staff members, No More Birds have since grown to a 16-strong team of professionals, including some of the best marksman in the country, becoming New Zealand’s dedicated pest bird management specialists.

We’re the only company that deals solely with the pest birds that are ravaging our native ecosystems, damaging infrastructure and negatively affecting business operations. It can be an emotive and sensitive task at times, however we’re passionate about protecting New Zealand’s native birds and ecosystems, while offering effective solutions to our clients’ challenges with pest birds.

Our team is dedicated to professionalising an industry with a notorious reputation, while delivery a memorable experience to our clients. We’ve become known for our expertise in this field, as well our team’s creative problem-solving and workmanship abilities.

Servicing many of the country’s largest and well-known businesses, our continued growth and long-standing client relationships are a testament to the trust our clients have in us and the level of professionalism we offer.

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