No More Birds

Frequently Asked Questions

We are pest bird experts. We are knowledgeable, experienced, and true specialists in the field. We know how to deal with nuisance birds and offer solutions that work best for each species and each situation.

We have solutions for every pest bird scenario. We come out to analyse your site and discuss and understand the issues that you are having. We then provide the best solutions to resolve and manage both your immediate and long-term pest bird challenges. As a last resort, we either bait or shoot them, and this is done in an extremely controlled manner, under strict guidelines, using qualified professionals that are sensitive to the potential emotive nature of bird management.

Yes. We have an experienced health and safety accredited installation team that is very well equipped with high quality gear and the access equipment required to install the agreed upon solution at your site.

We are based in Auckland, though we service contracts nationwide. Give us a call and we will advise whether we have experts in your local area.

In our experience these are not effective solutions and definitely not in the long-term. They tend to be a real eye sore and annoying to humans so we do not sell or recommend them.

Yes. Bird nests can be removed as part of any of our bird deterrent services.

Here at No More Birds we love the colourful and playful nature that NZ native birds hold in our environment. In NO way, shape or form do our team harm native birds. The wonderful and diverse range of NZ native birds are protected and as kiwis it is our collective responsibility to help them thrive.

The solution to preventing pigeons from nesting in a phoenix palm tree is to get this tree heavily trimmed or removed entirely. You can contact Tree King at contact to assist you with this.