No More Birds

Marksman Services

About our Marksmen

We offer various services for culling those persistent territorial pest birds that keep on returning. 

We can provide a professional marksmen team as a  one-off solution or as an on-going contract. Note this service is available to cull pest birds only, such as pigeons, sparrows, mynahs, starlings and thrushes.

  • Marksmen all hold a current NZ firearms license.
  • Combined, our marksmen have nearly 70 years of shooting experience.
  • A marksman’s primary focus above all else is safety, of people, product and equipment.
  • Marksmen have a strict adherence to client OH&S protocols.
  • All marksmen hold additional certifications such as Height Safety Certified and NZFGC Safe in Store certification.
  • AVSEC (Aviation Security) background checked.
  • Marksmen are sensitive to the potential emotive nature of bird culling and are adept at helping reduce your staff’s concerns.
  • Marksmen are covered by extensive public liability insurance.

Scope of Services

  • JSA documents are provided prior to each scheduled marksman visit.
  • A professional pest bird management report is supplied following the completion of each visit.
  • All marksman services are supported by a Police issued event number.

A note on Native Birds

Here at No More Birds we love the colourful and playful nature that NZ native birds hold in our environment. In NO way, shape or form do our team harm native birds. The wonderful and diverse range of NZ native birds are protected and as Kiwis it’s our collective responsibility to help them thrive.