Bird Netting

When installed correctly using high quality materials, a Bird Netting solution should provide years of hassle free protection.

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Here at No More Birds we have developed our own and unique bird deterrent system which makes pest birds fly away for good.

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Marksman Services

We offer various services for culling those persistent territorial pest birds that keep on returning.

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Hot Water Pressure Washing

Our custom-built pressure washer is a 30l p/minute, hot water system ideal for general cleaning as well as deep cleaning…

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Bird Free® Gel

Bird Free® Gel is a bird deterrent product that stimulates three senses of a bird: sight, smell and touch. These three stimuli combine to create avoidance learning in birds.

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Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes can often provide a cost effective solution for nuisance bird roosting and defecation problems, quick to install and available in two sizes. 

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Bird Brushes

Bird Brushes can be used for problem areas such as Gates, Doorways, and Gaps in fences.

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Bird Deterrents

We supply and install the leading brand of electronic, visual, sonic and ultrasonic Bird-X deterrents for our commercial clients.

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