No More Birds

Hot Water Pressure Washing

Our Hot Water Pressure Washing system is ideal for external commercial building cleans.

Our custom-built pressure washer is a 30l p/minute, hot water system ideal for general cleaning as well as deep cleaning of most types of soil, dirt, mould and moss, as well as oily, greasy and difficult to remove dirt and stains which are generally not easily cleaned with a cold water pressure washer.

Due to its high temperature of up to 95 degrees, and its requirement for very little to no detergent, our equipment offers a much more effective, deeper, more sanitary and environmentally friendly clean.

Services we offer

  • External building wash 
  • A hot water pressure system that goes up to 95 degrees
  • The use of very little to no detergent 
  • A fast and effective clean
  • A cleaning solution that can get rid of most types of dirt including oily and greasy ones
  • A cleaning solution that effectively gets rid of bird droppings