Here at No More Birds, we specialise in commercial bird management solutions.

We have solutions for every pest bird scenario. We come out to analyse your site and to discuss and understand the issues that you’re having. We then provide the best solutions to resolve and manage both your immediate and long-term pest bird challenges.

We are knowledgeable, experienced and true specialists in the field. We know how to deal with nuisance birds and the solution that works best for each species.

Pest birds cause millions of dollars of damage every year to buildings, machinery, roofs, and more. Bird faeces and nesting materials which accumulate pose a host of problems which can become very serious if not corrected immediately. Pest birds are also a perfect mechanism for spreading diseases to humans. Birds can harbour over 40 types of parasites and host over 60 types of infectious diseases. These diseases are easily spread by inhalation of faecal dust, food and water contamination by faeces and of course direct contact with faeces.

These problems can be mitigated by ensuring you’ve got the right bird management solutions in place.

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