We supply and install the leading brand of electronic, visual, sonic and ultrasonic Bird-X deterrents for our commercial clients.

Utilising cutting-edge technology, these products offer environmentally-friendly solutions that contribute to a multi-pronged bird management approach. They are non-toxic to birds and the environment and their primary objective is to make the environment undesirable for the birds.

These deterrents are used in a variety of settings:

  • Loading docks and open doorways
  • Roofs and awnings
  • Golf courses, parks and sports fields
  • Backyards, pools, patios, courtyards and porches
  • Docks and boats

Ultrasonic repellent devices are silent to most humans and ideal for enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces.

Sonic repellers provide wide coverage, can target specific problem bird species and is ideal for large and outdoor spaces.

Visual scare products are designed to intimidate pest bird away from your property. Birds quickly get used to static scarers thus pattern change is vital. All our products contain some element of movement or change making them more effective.

**It’s important to ensure you move/relocate the visual deterrent device from time to time to maintain effectiveness.

Our Products

  • The Bird Deflector is a visual deterrent that scares and irritates birds
  • The Balcony Gard uses an ultrasonic sound wave and is motion censored
  • The Speaker Repeller combines sonic and ultrasonic technology with multi-faceted sound frequencies and it fully programmable
  • Th Bird Laser is a remote controlled system that provides up to 10 000 square feet of cover with laser combinations, constantly changing patterns, preventing birds getting use to the repellent
  • The Sonic Repeller emits naturally recorded distress calls and predator cries that confuse, frighten and disorient birds, and it’s completely programmable.
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Bird Deterrent Products

Bird Deterrent

Daddi Long Legs – 2ft

$27.90 excl. GST

Bird Deterrent

Balcony Gard

$115.00 excl. GST
$9,400.00 excl. GST

Bird Deterrent

Bird Deflector

$99.90 excl. GST

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