Ozone System

Ozone System


Ozone Systems

What is Ozone? Ozone is another form of oxygen; it is much less stable than oxygen making it uncomfortable and heavy for pest birds to breathe in. The bird immediately learns that this atmosphere is not substantial for them to nest in, causing them to fly away for good. Our ozone systems are also built to eliminate the harmful pathogens which pesky birds create. The No More Birds Ozone system is custom built for you and installed by our professional technical team.

Ozone systems are generally used in areas that prove difficult for the more standard deterrent systems, Bird Spikes, Bird Nets etc.

Examples of this are:

  • Underground car parks, where the ceiling height is limited and there is normally a myriad of pipes and ducting.
  • Factory Pipe work and Access ladders, these are always a favourite roosting and perching point for birds, Ozone is the perfect solution to move them on.
  • Overhead electric wires (Trains etc) Another tricky situation where birds can cause the shorting out of electrical systems, Ozone provides a no conductive solution to the problem.