Other Solutions

Other Solutions


No More Birds - Bird Control Solutions

Other Solutions – Here at No More Birds understand that every pest bird issue is unique. Pest birds include feral pigeons, starlings, gulls and sparrows. These birds will live in close proximity to man causing fouling of buildings, noise issues, infestations of insects and the risk of animal to human infection. 

We will come to your work site, assess your bird problem and come up with a solution to deter those pests for good. Our team will customise and/or build a bird management solution that is best suited to your work-site.

Our Other Bird Control Solutions Include

Bird Geling

We use a bio repellent bird gel that is non-toxic to both birds and humans as it is pepper based. It is an environmentally friendly bird control solution, weather resistant and can be placed on virtually any surface. Bird gelling is best suited in or on areas where other solutions are not able to be applied or installed. This includes hard to reach surfaces such as ledges and signs.

Bird Nest Removal

Act fast – the quicker you get rid of bird nests the less likely you are to have a bird problem. You don’t want pest birds to make your home their home. If you have problems with birds nesting in hard to reach areas No More Birds can remove them for you.