Other Solutions
Other Solutions


We here at No More Birds understand that every pest bird issue is unique. We will come to your work site, assess your bird problem and inform you with what solution we find best to deter those pests for good. Our team will custom create and/or build a bird management solution that best reflects your work-site. We can also offer you the following:


Netting is a great way to deter birds from unwanted semi-enclosed spaces like courtyards, that pest birds find inviting. It is a discrete and harmless solution that acts as a physical barrier to deter birds from returning. Netting the most cost-effective solution to controlling pest birds, it doesn’t require electricity and can be placed on any area or space. No More Birds can also offer a repair & maintenance service to already existing netting.


We use a bio repellent gel that is non-toxic to both birds and humans as it is pepper based. It is environmentally friendly, weather resistant and can be placed on virtually any surface. Gelling is best suited on areas where other solutions are inapplicable this includes surfaces such as ledges and signs.

Nest Removal

If you have problems with birds nesting in hard to reach areas No More Birds can help to remove them.