Mega Blaster Sonic Repeller

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20 – Speaker Sonic Deterrent System

  • Uses powerful sonic bird distress calls up to 125 decibel’s that frighten birds away.
  • Covering up to 25 acres with two high output amplifiers you can choose from any or all of the eight sounds.
  • Customize the volume and downtime between sounds.
  • Weatherproof, NEMA-type box
  • Protect property, landscaping, vehicles, & other equipment/assets from corrosive bird droppings

Comes with a Solar panel to power the speaker system which runs off the Battery.

Requires Battery Not Included – Recommended Marine Type Battery 12-volt Deep Cycle Battery (RV/Marine)

Bird-X Mega Blaster PRO Set-Up & Installation – YouTube

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Weight 8.85 kg
Dimensions 56 × 34 × 32 cm


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