Bird Free® Pre-Dosed

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Bird Free® Pre-Dosed Disk – 15 per Pack

  • The Bird Free® Repellent Gel gives off a vapor invisible to humans.
  • This is an ultra-violet light which appears as a flame to birds.
  • Pre-Dosed with Bird Free® Repellent gel, these dishes are a specially designed discreet unit.

Bird Free® Gel the Birds Free Repellent works by interacting with the birds four senses.

1. Visually – The gel releases a vapor giving the appearance of fire.
2. Smell – The smell of the gel acts as a deterrent.
3. Taste – If eaten the gel will make the birds feel unwell.
4. Touch – Birds do not like the sticky feel.

Make sure the area is cleaned well before applying.

  • Make sure the area is cleaned well before applying, without a proper wash the product won’t be as effective as birds are used to their own scent, and that familiarity draws them back to a site, regardless of the deterrent put in place.
  • The area where the product has been installed also can’t be water blasted or cleaned after the product has been installed.
  • Comes with Sticky dots to stick down onto surfaces or can be glued down.

Bird Free® Installation Guide

How it works

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